If you can not upload photos to the site vkontakte, check whether Java-Script in your browser. To do this go to menu "Tools", item "Settings". Go to the Content tab, select the check box "Use Java-Script if it is not. Click "OK". Problems downloading photos can arise if you use plugins in the browser to cache the images. Configure the plugin, refresh the browser and try to load a photo.Pictures may not load because of the included firewall - go to settings, select "Network connections" and the "Advanced" tab, click "Disable".Check the size of photosyou upload, as many social networks have a limit on the size of uploaded images, for example, on the website vkontakte.ru you cannot upload an image more than 5 megabytes with a different extension except GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, TIF. Problems downloading photos to the site "Vkontakte" are caused by a conflict with the browser. Frequently this error appears for users program Opera. Use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. Check your connection settings often encounter errors when connecting to the Internet through a proxy. When an error occurs uploading a photo try to clear the cache. To do this go to menu "Tools" in the program of Opera and select "Preferences". Go to the tab "Advanced". Select "History". Clear the cache by using the appropriate buttons to "Clear". In Mozilla Firefox go to "Settings", choose tab "Privacy" and go to "Personal details", click "Clear now". In this menu you can set the configure automatic cache cleanup after you close your browser. To clear the cache in Internet Explorer, go to tools menu, go to "Temporary Internet files", click "Delete files".