Advice 1: Can you get pregnant if no periods

The exact answer to the question "Can you get pregnant if no period?" you can give only when you know the reason for the absence of the menstrual cycle. In some cases the conception of a child possible even when there are no indications.
Can you get pregnant if no periods
When your time of the month, pregnancy is possible, but you need to remember that the absence of menstruation indicates some of the complexity of the organism. The girls with this problem should consult a doctor.

Do you foresee pregnancy in girls at an early age

The ability to get pregnant in girls before the appearance of menstruation is considered impossible, because at an early age not formed of ovum, therefore, conception cannot occur. But in medicine, there were such cases, when girls are very young age became pregnant even before first period. From this we can conclude that a hypothetical pregnancy can occur, but to develop it is with abuses, both for the girl herself and to the fetus.
In 1939, the record was recorded. Five year old Lina Medina became the youngest mother in the world, giving birth to a son, who weighed about three pounds.

The absence of the menstrual cycle associated with pregnancy and childbirth

There is a misconception that during gestation the fetus can't get pregnant again. Of course, it's unlikely, but there is a small percentage of women who are already in the position get pregnant again. It's called uneven results. This process is related to the fact that the female body is not fully reconstructed in the new regime and the fertilization occurs repeatedly. In this case, in the womb of the woman to develop two of fruit with different time of conception.

There is also a false opinion that a woman after childbirth can not get pregnant as long as she is not restored menstrual cycle. It is not, the body is ready for a new conception as early as two weeks after birth, so during this period you have to be very careful and be sure to use contraceptives, in most cases, the woman is still not mentally ready to be pregnant in such a short time.
Lactation is a long period of time may not be menstruation, but it does not affect ovulation, so breastfeeding women become pregnant, even if they have no menses.

In some diseases menstruation stops or doctors prescribe the drugs to the girl, in which there is menopause. For example, in oncological diseases of the female organism is introduced into an artificial menopause. But in this case, the birth of new life is quite possible, therefore, a woman should always bring special attention to their health and to protect yourself from unwanted fertilization.

There is a disease which is called amenorrhea. During his adult girls missing menstruation. Pregnancy when such a problem is often impossible, as the mechanism responsible for fertilization is not functioning. However, this applies only to those cases where the disease is considered pathological.

My period is absent in adult women after menopause. Doctors say that the egg of the women at this time weakened, but the reproductive function is stored for two years after menopause.

Advice 2 : How to get pregnant with amenorrhea

To get pregnant with amenorrhea is possible if to remove the cause that caused the failure or the absence of menstruation. The woman should have a complete exam, review your diet, eliminate the stress and to accept hormonal preparations on prescription.
how to get pregnant when amenoree?
Amenorrhea – absence of menstruation. Moreover, this diagnosis can be made only in the absence of regular menstrual periods for 6 months. In medical practice there are several types of amenorrhea. The effectiveness of the treatment in each case and will affect the ability to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. How to get pregnant with amenorrhea?
In the first place should be fully examined, to determine the type and severity of amenorrhea, as well as the reasons that caused it. A woman definitely will need to pass PAP smear, urine and blood to determine hormone levels and if need be, an x-ray of the Sella. In primary amenorrhea, which is accompanied by absence of menstruation in pubescent girls, is a surgical procedure to eliminate obstacles occurring menstruation. If necessary, prescribed hormonal therapy and a special diet for building muscle and adipose tissue and stimulate menstruation.
Secondary amenorrhea, in which menstruation the woman had, but for some reason was missing, the woman is invited to be examined by an endocrinologist, nutritionist and neuropsychiatrist. Perhaps the amenorrhea was caused by stress, or excessive physical and emotional stress. In this case it is important to develop new, healthful and optimal mode of life: to adjust the power and load, eliminate stress, get plenty of sleep. Only after the establishment of the menstrual cycle may become pregnant.
If pituitary dysfunction is diagnosed, then the patient will be given hormone therapy estrogen-progestin drugs. The same treatment is carried out and the syndrome of polycystic ovaries. Women with amenorrhea of ovarian origin can be conducted to stimulate ovulation, but only in the presence of eggs. In the absence of positive results of the decision about in vitro fertilization. The preparation includes taking hormones to produce artificial menstrual cycle. If a woman is going to be revealed pathology of the adrenal cortex, and hyperplasia or tumor will need treatment in endocrinology hospital.
When false amenorrhea hormonal system of women is working fine, but the fetus usually cannot develop due to the fact that the uterus has adhesions or any other obstacles. Or the woman has problems with the implementation of a fertilized egg into the altered wall of the uterus. In such a situation, the doctor raises the question of surgical intervention, which involves the dissection of adhesions by hysteroscope or uterine cavity curettage. Addressing the root cause of amenorrhea and adjusting the menstrual cycle, you can start planning a pregnancy.
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