For several days before taking the stool sample should abandon the intake of certain medications. So, activated charcoal colors the stool black, rectal suppositories change its composition, preparations of pilocarpine have an impact on peristalsis. In addition, two days before the test should not be performed on contrast-enhanced studies of the digestive tract, since a special liquid, which should be taken, feces color white and change its composition.
Feces for intestinal dysbiosis you must collect before treatment chemotherapeutic and antibacterial agents. If their application has already begun, you must endure a 12-hour interval between the last administration of drugs and sampling of feces for sowing.
The stool for analysis should be obtained through natural bowel movement. Not to do enema and take a laxative. Or violated the structure of the chair, and the results of the analysis will be erroneous.
Before passing stool, it will be useful to diet. Should not eat a lot of foods that cause flatulence, the appearance of diarrhea or constipation.Also don't have to eat beets and other foods that can stain feces.
Women during the critical days it is desirable to avoid depositing fecal analysis. If necessary, use a swab to the blood are unable to get into the stool.
A stool sample should be transported to the laboratory in glass or plastic containers. The best option is to purchase a special container in which there is a handy spatula for removing the feces.
The fresher the sample is, the better. To produce a bowel movement in the evening if the analysis will be completed in the lab only in the morning, you should not. To obtain reliable results, you need to get a stool to the laboratory within 4-6 hours after harvesting. Over time, the microbiological composition of the stool changes, which may affect the results of the analysis.
Prior to collection of feces should urinate that the sample did not pee. To better collect stool in a bedpan, which must be clean and dry. You can pre-treat it with any disinfectant, for example chlorhexidine. Also suitable for this purpose boiling water. Some people make the mistake of producing defecating directly into the toilet and taking the cal from there. To do such is undesirable because of the cleanliness of the toilet is far from ideal.
Direct intake of calories should be made as follows: take some chairs from different places of fresh faeces and place into container. The volume of a teaspoon would be enough. The container with the feces should be tightly resealed and signed. It can be stored in the refrigerator.