Before you begin writing, think about the style you want to use. There are three generally accepted standard styles of resume: chronological, functional and mixed.
If you have little experience cooking work or no, select a functional style. Place the emphasis on their existing culinary knowledge and not on what experience you gained. Focus your writing on the idea of their skills and level of education.
If you have a lot of experience, then give preference to chronological style. Here it is necessary to show the recipes in which you are competent, and the contribution is invested by you as a chef. This style implies the description of your work experience in chronological order. Speaking about the experience gained in past jobs, don't forget to mark your learning of the trainees, if it exists, what ideas and what have you contributed to the production of the author of any of the recipes adopted in the case, was it you that was responsible, you have instructed, and what was your initiative in improving the quality of catering. Indicate all awards received for past work. In General, try to imagine yourself in the most favorable light, but only include in the narrative only relevant information.
The most successful is considered a mixed style summary. It has elements of both chronological and functional, emphasizing the important details concerning your qualifications as cook. This summary easier to read. Avoid unnecessary long-winded clarifications. Focus on your achievements, of course, you need to do, but keep in mind, few people would believe that you one held a restaurant or dining room.
Compose your summary correctly as possible, because it will develop the first impression about you as person and specialist. Try to properly "sell" your experience and your knowledge. If you haven't gone with the old work and just going to change it, do not specify contact his superiors to get good recommendations. If a potential employer will call your place of work, in the end, you can lose the old job to find a new because your current boss know that you are prepared to leave them, hardly anything good about you want to tell.