Registration of real estate transactions

All transactions on sale and purchase of property are made to the Registrar. It can be found in the buildings of the Federal registration service and MPs. Rosreestr is ready to provide not a complete list of required services, rather than MFC. This state institution is mainly engaged in only by registration of real estate transactions and land. There is, of course, there is a separate office with a Bank employee, to you pay the state duty, study with experts who check the presence and correctness of the completed documents, the Department of unified state register, representing a large archive of documents – certificates on the fastening face of the property. In principle, all this is almost enough to fully seal the deal.The IFC also provided a wider range of services. However, there is and turn much more. Speaking specifically about her, and the building at the MFTS and in three of the Queuing system. One of them is alive, the second telephone, it is necessary to register in advance by phone and after a month or two to come to make a deal, and a third for coupons. The pass is also the original document. It contains the name of the person, whether seller or buyer, and the ordinal number that indicates what number you are. It must present immediately upon entering the office, or send in the end of the queue.

The list of required documents

The first and the main document is the certificate of registration of the property, i.e. who owns the property sold. This certificate is in the hands of the seller. The following is an extract from the unified state register. Ssrr stands for unified state register of rights. This document contains complete information about real estate. Based on it, you can learn the right holder of the apartment, the burdened, the availability of arrest of property. Such a document, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, is public and available to any person in the bodies of the MFC. The third document is an excerpt from the book. It reflects the number of registered entities. Further, evidence from housing on that estate is not worth any debt. For example, the non-payment of bills for gas, electricity or water.

If the apartment is acquired in the mortgage, the Bank requires documents indicating the place of work, position, salary, number of members in the family, copies of passports of guarantors. Based on all the above and up the Bank information on credit history, he concludes to accept or deny an individual the provision of funds. In case of agreement, registration of real estate transactions, will also be required to document regulatory approval of the Bank to grant the mortgage.