If you decide to sell your house, prepare for registration of the contract of purchase andsale of all adult passports and birth certificates of minor homeowners. Husband and wife owners of the house, it is better to come to the conclusion of the contract on the sale of property together. If this is not possible, one of the spouses involved in the transaction, must have the notarized consent of the spouse on sale of the house. For sale house you will also need the legal documents for the house, registered at the BTI, floor plan of housing and technical passport. Keep in mind that documents these are issued usually within 10 days to 1 month after applying for them. You'll need a certificate of family composition, the extract from the house register or a single housing document, and a copy of the financial account, to which you will be able in the same day. The validity of these documents is 1 month.Definitely get help on absence of debts for utilities: gas, electricity, homethese phone, etc. Without them the estate would be impossible. In the list of documents required for the sale of the house, and sometimes include a certificate from a narcological and psychoneurological clinic, refuting the presence of the seller and other registered individuals for drug dependence and mental illness.Take a certificate from the bodies of guardianship and guardianship about the permission to sell the house, if one of the owners had not reached the age of majority. Don't forget to write a statement of deregistration and release of the house in the terms specified in the contract of purchase andsale. Be sure to reassure this document at the notary. Assure should be a statement about the lack of applicants for the house (heirs).The district administration take reference about the characteristics of selling your home. They are issued in the period from 7 days to 1 month from the date of submission of the application.