The conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale this is the most common way to become a happy owner of square meters. The process of property registration is not complicated, but requires specific knowledge in this area. The presence of a specialist in the field of real estate is not required, as the transaction can be carried out independently or arrange with the assistance of a lawyer or a notary. The buyer must own and control the entire process of signing and registration of the contract of purchase and sale.
First of all, you need to remember that the contract of sale is in writing and is subject to obligatory state registration. Transfer of funds is carried out only at the time of signing the contract of sale and receive a receipt from the seller that the contract settlement paid in full. In the process of negotiating a valid conclusion of the contract on the Deposit. Sold apartment can be located in a newly built house and in the house, which gave up many years ago. If the apartment is built, the package of documents is modest and consists of the equity contract in construction, which is subject to obligatory state registration, unless otherwise provided by law.
Signing a contract of sale for the apartment, "secondary real estate market" should start with a title and right supporting documents on the premises. The title document is a document on the basis of which arose the right of ownership, these include the contract of sale, gift, rent, equity participation in the construction documents on privatization, or the certificate of inheritance. The right supporting document is a certificate of ownership.
If the rights of the owner of the property confirmed, you need to go to study technical documentation on the apartment (the cadastre and technical passports), it is better to study both passports (old and new), this will allow to establish the presence of illegal conversion. Ask the seller to submit a certificate from the passport office on the number of residents and registered persons in the apartment, pay attention to the presence of minor children. Their presence may require obtaining permission from the bodies of guardianship and guardianship on the sale of the apartment.
If the property was purchased in marriage, you need consent of the spouse to alienation of the property. Consent shall be in writing and shall be notarized. If the object is a shared property, at the time of the transaction of purchase and sale required the presence of all owners of passports. The sale of apartments by proxy, you need to consider that the power of attorney must be notarized saverenas.