To sell a product there is not enough to explain to the client its characteristics. There is a lot of side psychological factors that influence the buyer's decision. These include the seller's behaviour (courtesy, competence, knowledge of the range), outdoor sales premises, arrangement of goods on shelves and racks.
Therefore, before opening, check whether products are placed. If in stock in your store has both small and large items, on lower shelves, place heavier items and on the average more petite.
If you work in direct sales system and communicate with customers in an informal setting over a Cup of coffee, put in front of him your product, he could well consider it, to read all the necessary information.
If the trading hall of the people interested in any product and does not mind your consultation, give the buyer the right information about the product. But for each type of client has the most current information. For example, if the person is a regular customer of your store and has already purchased similar products, their properties, he has extensive performance. Therefore, in this case inform him of the dates of receipt of the goods (fresh produce of any industry always appreciated), tell us about the new products that are useful along with the tool. And if the buyer knows practically nothing about the product, give him a broad and detailed consultation.
As a distributor of a direct selling company, clearly separate methods of work with regular customers and newcomers. With product demonstrations develop his scheme of the presentation, focusing on its different social and age groups of buyers. You can certainly use printed and electronic materials that provides you the firm, but a private system of delivery of information will enhance the effectiveness of your work. Remember this, the presentation of the product is necessary both for returning and new customers. In the presentation to people who know the products, include new interesting facts that over and over again will stir interest in the familiar tool. And telling about the product to an ignorant person, use such information, he certainly wanted to try your product.
The Golden rule for all sellers – do not sell product, sell opportunity. Imagine the situation: a visitor to the hardware store (classic craftsman) to thoughtfully consider shelves with received goods. Advise him, for example, a stapler for constriction of upholstered furniture. But begin your story with any number of brackets, speed, reliability of the device, and prospects. After all, with simple furniture staples and new upholstery fabrics the buyer will be able to give a second life to the beloved sofa, renew old chair, and indeed radically change the interior room, more simply, to realize the most daring design fantasies. And then (if necessary) tell us about the functional features of this device.