Usually the sale on the phone is divided into two kinds: sales of goods and services to business (B2B) and sales of goods or services directly to individuals (B2C). Sales by phone B2B, as a rule, represent a more complicated process than sales by phone B2C. Call to the company is first a newsletter, informing customers about a certain product and its usefulness for the company. He aims to launch negotiations with the client, since it is unlikely that the accountant or otherwise potentially interested in your product person in the company immediately make a decision to purchase this product for the company.
It is no secret that many companies dislike those who are trying to sell them anything on the phone and give the order to the secretaries not to speak with the operators. How to go to the accountant or the General Director of the company? Here you need to remember a few ways:
1. no need to clearly say that you sell a particular product. Secretary enough to hear you call, for example, "on deliveries of the equipment".
2. it is important to seem like a "big man". The operator on the phone - it's always a bit of an artist. If you say a very business-like tone, "good morning, join me, please, Peter Petrovich, you probably will connect. The request submitted is sufficient to answer, that Peter know who you are.
3. if you are not sure of the name of the person responsible for making decisions about the purchase of goods that you sell, it would be wise to ask the school Secretary, who is responsible for such decisions and ask to connect with him. Again, do not immediately start talking about your product.
In the future, when negotiating with someone who makes decisions, your goal is to talk about the product and make an appointment. It is important to remember that your partner is probably very busy and not in the mood to talk with you, so thoughts need to be articulated clearly and concisely.
Sales by telephone B2C are intended for fast selling of goods or services in one call. The operator must not only inform the customer about the product, but for a short time to try to prove to him that this product need this client. A call should ideally be followed by a meeting with a client and selling him goods. It is very important to be able to use non-standard approaches to customers and to quickly find out information about them, which will help persuade a customer to buy the product. For example, the operator who wants to sell a fairly expensive cleaner, hearing at the other end of the tube children's voices, must use what the client has children and to focus on the fact that the vacuum cleans carpets so well that children can play on it - unlike some other vacuum cleaners.
It is important to properly choose the time of their call. In the company it is best to call in the morning and afternoon because at this time, and secretaries, and leaders feel most relaxed. Call apartment wise in the afternoon or evening after dinner but not too late.