Rule 1.
Not to be Intrusive. If you offer the buyer of your goods and services too aggressively, he might think that the company wants to impose this product or service. On the other hand, if you talk with the customer about proposed product too sluggish, it can calculate that the enterprise and without it, a lot of customers, and it is not particularly interested in it. So communicating with the buyer is to strike a balance. If everything was done correctly, the buyer can be sure that the organization is set up friendly to all new customers.
Rule 2.
The presence of speech. Clear, confident diction, competent speech will make it clear to the buyer that the seller is confident that the goods it offers. Therefore, the buyer also can get it.
Rule 3.
The active position of the conversation. If a potential client starts to talk, can not interrupt it. It is necessary to listen carefully, and only then, remembering some of what he said, to respond to what was said. In this case it is necessary to consider rule 2. Talking with the client, we must make it clear to him how this service or this product can be useful for him. You can give your own example of a consumer, or to tell the real life situation.