If you are taking a direct part in the distribution of goods in trading networks, offer to spend in the stores, advertising campaign, which will aim to acquaint customers with the product and tell about its characteristics. For the advertising of food and beverages suitable tasting, for industrial products, home appliances, electronics are good promotions, which take place as a demonstration or exhibition.
Take care of proper arrangement of goods on display. The buyer usually pays attention to the shelves that are at eye level or slightly below. For good seats at the showcase you likely will have to pay the store a certain amount.
Be sure to greet the buyer at the meeting. Introduce yourself, if necessary. Start the conversation with identifying the needs of the buyer, if he has not voiced them to you. Sometimes the buyer has formed an opinion about a specific brand (good or bad), then your task is still to convince the client.
Tell us what your product compares favorably with products of competitive marks. Demonstrate the product, showing its advantages compared to competitors. At the same time, pay attention to the key features of the productthat are important to the specific buyer. For example, selling items, please note buyer on the naturalness of the fabrics from which it is made, good fit, well-chosen color, compatibility with any other item of clothing of the client, etc.
Try to find an approach to each client. At least at the time of sale try to be both a psychologist, counselor, and helper of your buyer. Coming into the store, people are often eager to talk and ask advice from a total stranger, in consultation not only with the purpose of purchasing one or another goods, but also on personal matters.
Always leave the choice of the buyer, give time to think, while he did not impose his opinion. Give all the information about the product so that the buyer was satisfied with the quality of service and want to buy your product.