Make an illustrated catalogue. If the decision to work with you, accept store managers, productovady, senior sellers, we need a special approach, if they are all women. Because women are accustomed to choose goods for themselves. This applies to cosmetics, perfumes, kitchenware and household accessories. You know the main thing in this situation - women have trusted directories. Imagine your product in their usual form.When there is no printed directory, make homemade. Place the labels from the goods. This often works and allows you to easily enter into new outlets. Nobody wants to waste time on analysis of the new price. Browse the directory very quickly. Is a little key to female hearts.
Go around all the outlets in their territory. Most likely, in most places you will be denied. It doesn't matter. From sellers such psychology - a new person, they first test the strength. If not disappear and appear again, then do something with it, then you can start working.So, don't take it personally when I say nothing. Tell me you'll come next time when you see something interesting. Is generally agree. Now your task is to find the first client. Just one. It is quite possible even for a beginner.
Re-visit the boutiques located near the first customer. Tell me you have news. Refer to the first client and say that that store will be your product. Buyers notice everything. If there are new items appear, and in this store they will not, to begin to go more often. This argument for many will be important.
Collect statistics and feedback. Ask the customers how things are going with your productOhm. Remember what they say.
Visit the remaining stores. Tell me what your product has already sold in 17 outlets. Tell me the truth. Repeat the words of satisfied customers. This will encourage others to begin to work with you. Successful people always accept.