Pay attention to the buyer. It is not necessarily to come to him with questions and suggestions. The main thing is to make clear to the client that it can see and at any moment ready to help.
Try not to get too close, but also do not move away far. The optimal distance between the seller and the buyer is in the range from 80 to 100 cm.
Say Hello to the visitor. This can be done immediately upon his entrance or when he will understand that he is interested in consultation. How to start a conversation with a buyer, depends on the specific situation. The greeting should be very warm and friendly. When making contact be sure to smile. From the first phrase of the seller depends on the speed of establishing contact. Try to exercise the inner ear and to determine how to start the conversation with a particular buyer.
Learn buyers. You should know that there are at least 4 types of clients: decisive, indecisive, conflict and advanced. First install the contact, the second expects it from you, third you need to be able to deny the reasons for the dispute, and the fourth is to accept in all its arguments.
Of course, these are General recommendations. Each salesperson must learn to understand what the man entered the store.
Start a conversation so that the buyer wanted him to continue. The main rule for this – never put a question that can be answered "no." Better to greet the customer and say that you are always nearby and happy to help in the selection. Another way to ask the question-to the top". It represents any statement directly "ties". A good example is this sentence: "This car is original, right?". This question is one of the best ways to start a conversation with a buyer.
Don't forget that the tone of the whole conversation sets the first phrase. Learn to recognize the nature of the customers and engage in dialogue in accordance with it.