You can order services from professional managers, but you need to understand that you have to spend. But you can not doubt the quality of the result. Such methods are stretching poster on the street, banners, advertising on popular websites, placing information in magazines, radio and television.

In addition to wider dissemination of information about the shop and its products or services would do well to engage in self-promotion. They do not require much money, but are quite efficient and effective.

Such methods include flyers. Availability of home printer easier task, if such a device at home that you would like to contact friends who can print flyers and tell about their design.

How can I use them? For example, to paste on the advertising pillars or special sites, and to distribute them to passers-by. You can put flyers in the mailboxes of the entrances. To do this, it is also possible with the help of good friends or on your own that will help you spend less money on advertising.

A popular option for self-advertisement is the printing, small calendars, which contain information about the company, its contacts and advertising provide goods or services. These calendars are a good alternative to the usual leaflets, as the availability calendar can guarantee that it will not throw out, in contrast to the leaflets. This method of advertising is more expensive than the printing of leaflets, but also more effective.

You can use the Internet and to send promotional offers of the company. No need to throw the buyers messages in the mail, many of this might not like. Better to spend time creating interesting suggestions that will really interest consumers, and, of course, if someone wants to unsubscribe, don't need to argue with him. Courtesy and tact in advertising is also required.