When meeting with a buyer, the seller, the first thing should say Hello. And it is highly desirable that the greeting was easy and straightforward, and was also accompanied by a sweet pleasant smile. As is known, the greeting is the business card of the seller and one of the tools to position yourself buyer.
After establishing initial contact with the buyer, the seller shall immediately ask the visitor outlets question: "What are you interested?" (or "how may I help you?"). In that case, if the buyer went to the seller following the greeting words to be "I'm listening."
If a potential buyer asked for the assistance of the seller at the time when he served another client, the consultant should apologize and ask asked to wait or go to another specialist (if possible). But in this so situation, the seller in any case you cannot say "can't You see I'm busy", and even more so to blame, raise your voice or shout to the interested visitor of the store. Thus, you not only violate the rules of professional ethics, but also put themselves in an awkward and disadvantage.
When you're done, immediately go to the waiting buyer, once again apologize and tell me that they are ready to give a detailed answer to all his questions.
Upon contact with the buyer, the seller must be as honest and truthful. It is not necessary to introduce the client to mislead and lie to him, for example, embellishing the features of a product, because any lie sooner or later revealed. As a rule, give the seller his own manners, behavior and intonation of communication. In addition, the seller in no case should not hide the lack of interest and disregard your obligations to a potential buyer. In this case we are talking about such sellers who are going to all sorts of concessions and discounts, in order to quickly sell merchandise and not spend a lot of time on one client. This attitude will not only disrupt the contact with the visitors of the shop, but also change the trust to you as the purchaser, and on the part of the authorities.
And last, a good seller is the seller who loves his work and it is fully given. Such a person will be able to persuade and convince the buyer to purchase a particular product, while clearly arguing their statements.