You need to conduct a marketing study of that segment of the market in which you expect to make a profit and think how to promote your product. If you have the opportunity, use your hand, but if you have the finances, hire a research company. What are the questions to ask respondents? Who are the competitors? And what they have to offer? Why their goods are bought by potential consumers?
Now we need to figure out how to Supplement consumer the quality of your product. Here it is necessary to take two steps. Compare your merchandise with products quality of competitors. And the second step is to try to convince that you are the best. This trick will allow you not to think about how to promote your product. And the target audience will understand what your products are cheaper than that available in the market.
Select your ad strategy. It all depends on the goodsthat you will offer. It can be advertising in the media, but if the product is highly specialized, is relevant only for direct advertising to end consumers.
Developing the public relations campaign. The difference of PR from advertising is the fact that a lot less costs involved. But such work must be planned. That's why usually they are planned for just a long period of time – approximately six months or a year.
Develop a strategy for the promotion of goods online. The Internet is one of the most low budget cost advertising media. And of course, keep in mind your target audience about your proposed product.
Develop and implement branding. For the promotion of goods you must establish a frequent contact to your target group with the brand. Contact may be visual. After all, Internet promotion is one thing, and the creation of the virtual office is another. You must make your site very informative, pretty easy from the point of navigation and available to search engines.
Create informational bursts. Often as possible free of charge and take cover in the pages of both electronic and paper media. So you know how to promote your product to cause sincere interest of the press release is not only the end user, but even editors of Newspapers and magazines.