Watching videos is an integral part of any social network, and Classmates in this case are no exception. The Internet at your fingertips may not always be, but because many have a desire to save any video on your computer to then view it without a network connection.

Addition browser to download videos

To live have migrated from the Internet to your hard disk, go to the small but very useful addition called "Assistant". It works with most known browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, including and Yandex Browser.
A web browser is software for interacting with the sites (the requesting, processing, output, transition between pages), and also to upload files from the local server.
To do this, go to the site, scroll down the page, choose the Classmates website. On the new page click on the button "Proceed to the installation wizard".
Browser extensions is a useful and interesting extensions that are used to increase the functionality of the browser.
The site will detect your browser and offer to download the appropriate file. Next, the procedure for each browser is a little different.

Installing add-ons in different browsers

The users of Google Chrome must on the rightmost icon in the browser (it is located on the same line as the address bar), select "Tools – Extensions". The last step is to drag the downloaded file to the opened window and click "add".

Those who use Opera, after downloading and opening the file, just click the "install" button. Then on the extensions panel will appear the corresponding icon.

The procedure for users of Mozilla Firefox is exactly the same, except that the browser after installing the extension you will have to restart.

That's all. Now the video in the social network Classmates will see the button "Download". After clicking with the left mouse button a window will appear where you can select the format of the downloaded file.
Video formats used on the Internet: FLV (Flash Video), SWF (Shockwave Flash), RM, RA, RAM (RealVideo).
If you do not know which is better, click on the "i" icon (information), which is located on the right side of the file extension. It should be noted that now such possibility will be present at other sites, including Vkontakte and Youtube.