Before submitting your ad, read carefully the user agreement and FAQ that are posted on the home page. This is useful not only for advertising. Usually there is how to remove the ads.
When posting give your valid e-mail address and cell phone number well remember or write invented passwords. This information will help to remove unnecessary ad.
Remove ads from the site can be traditionally one of the ways. Log on to the website using the same username and password that you gave notice. Locate your ad, go to its page. Inspect the page. Find the button "Delete" or "Edit". Click and follow the prompts. In the case of "Edit" you will be offered a choice or "Close" or "Refuse service", or something like that. Confirm your intention, click OK.
If you have forgotten the password that was logged in, just locate your ad and click on it. Usually immediately offered all kinds of action with this ad. Locate the "password Recovery" or something of that sort, then specify the address of your mailbox, which will inform you of forgotten password. Then proceed under the previous scheme.
Another method of removing ads from the site is a letter to the administrator of the site. Look on the home page a button called "Contacts", "Help", etc. Log on to this page, in the opened window, write a letter of intent to remove the ad, copy the ad text, specify its number. Also, specify your contacts. In due time (every site stipulated in the rules), the ad will be removed.