Deletion of the page in the "Classmates"

Removing your profile from the site one should remember that all data contained on the page will be lost forever. The procedure will not take much time and does not require special skills, unnecessary page will disappear forever, and with it will be lost and the link with friends, contacts, photos, correspondence. To rebuild it all would be impossible, so before you delete your account in the "Classmates", it is worth asking yourself again, is it really needed?

How do I delete my page in the "Classmates" via the menu

To delete a page in the "Classmates", you need to enter accordingly username and password. Once on the "My page" scroll down to the end. In the lower right corner find the link "schedule" and click on it. From all the information that appears after clicking on the link, you need only one line "to Refuse services", clicking on which you'll see the ominous warning from the site administration about what to restore page after removal will be impossible.

Also the site will offer a few of the reasons why you decided to remove your page from "Classmates". Tick one or more and enter your password. Click on the "Delete forever" and forget that you had a page on It is no more. But the phone number attached to the profile will be removed only after 3 months. This protects the site from the opportunity to use the phone number again.

Another way of removing pages from "Classmates"

To remove your page from the "Classmates" is another, informal way. Them you can try if the above actions for any reason, to no avail. It consists in the fact that you are trying to provoke the administration website to remove you from the "Classmates".

Before you can use this method to remove your page from the "Classmates", it is better to erase all the photos, correspondence, and other data or replace them with non-existent.

Next, learn the rules of the regulations under 4.7.The licensee is prohibited." Here are described the actions for which the user of the website may be deleted or banned. Consequently, follow a number of those items that you allow for moral principles, and wait for a response from the website.

In order for your page in the "Classmates" has been deleted as quickly as possible, it is better if your illegal actions support "Classmates" will notify someone of your friends, for example, complaining you support. After checking your page it will be deleted, and no one has to go on it will not.

How do I delete my page in the "Classmates", if you have forgotten the username and password

If there is no access to the profile deletion page in the "Classmates" is impossible. It does not matter if you forgot your username or page has been hacked by scammers and the input data has changed. If you can not get to the page, there is only one to contact the technical support site please recover your username and password. However it should be noted that this procedure is not quick administration of "Classmates" can answer in a few days.