The most accurate method to know the growth of the baby, you can use the method of ultrasound diagnostics (sonography). During normal pregnancy ultrasound do on 12, 22 and 32 weeks. Ie it is on these test screenings, you can learn about the growth ofe and the weight of the unborn child. However, here too there are subtleties, for example, up to 20 weeks of pregnancy the growth of the fetus is measured from crown to tailbone. This is due to the fact that until about 20 weeks crumbs the legs bent at the knees, and measuring them is almost impossible. Therefore, the growth of the fetus at this period is denoted as, kopcik - parietal size or the abbreviation CTE. If you want to know the growth of your baby, look at the results of the latest ultrasound and find this abbreviation, and it will be considered the growthof om baby.
After 20 weeks of pregnancy growth of the baby is measured from head to toe. It ranges from 26 to 52 cm depending on the period. However, ultrasound can also be wrong. There are cases when an ultrasound before birth showed the growth of the fetus, for example, 50 cm, and a baby born in the same day was 52 see Errors in the measurements can be associated with outdated equipment and inexperienced doctors, who conducted the study.
Also to see the growth of the fetus, you can use the standard tables that contain information about the child's development during pregnancy. In these tables a great variety, you can find them, pgrowthon entering a search query. Relevant data also can be found in the literature about the pregnancy. If you are unable to learn about the growth of thee fetus on your period, you can inquire about it at the training courses for childbirth or the doctor that you are watching. However, remember that each person is different, even when he is in the belly of the mother, so standard tables can be taken only as a basis, but not the fact that your child will exactly this growthand, as it is written.