You will need
  • measuring tape;
  • - ultra-sound study
Genetic factor is one of the most important parameters determining the growth of the child. As a rule, growth in boys is due to the growth of the father or next of kin in the male line (uncles, grandparents) and the growth of girls is due to the growth of the mother and the relatives on the maternal line.
Contact your gynecologist. Parameters which can determine fetal growth: placental and obstetric estimates. If pregnancy occurs the disruption of the placenta, the fetus may develop hypoxia (oxygen starvation), leading to reduced growth and fruit development.
When visiting the gynecologist a pregnant woman using a measuring tape and make measurements of abdominal circumference and height of standing of bottom of uterus. Midwives in determining fruit size (large, small, normal) using several formulas, including: abdominal circumference (cm) multiplied by the height of standing of bottom of uterus (cm). However, the above formula is considered to be the easiest, but not the most accurate since it does not take into account the thickness of subcutaneous fat in pregnant women.
Contact the experts for carrying out an ultrasound. Using ultrasound to determine fetal size by measuring several parameters: kopchik-parietal (set to the date of the last menstrual period), bi-parietal (size between the right and left sides of the head), hip length (measurement of the longest bone of the body – the femur – reflects the length of the fruit, the length of the thigh, you can determine the duration of pregnancy), etc., if necessary, the doctor will conduct additional measurements.