The easiest way to know the future is to go to a fortune. Ridiculous of course, but really you have nothing to lose, and every experience is always, without exception, helpful. But do not try to tell about the trouble, otherwise the risk to carry more than one thousand rubles for it, "to get rid of evil eye or ancestral curse on the female line. Do not show excessive interest. For example, the question can be formulated as follows: "I would Like to know what to expect in your personal life. When you will marry and how many children will I have?"
Don't want to go to a fortune – buy a book on palmistry. Hand possible to learn all life, including the number of husbands and children. As one of the options, in the Internet there are many different online divination, try it, sometimes I wonder. Of course, this advice cannot be regarded as a guide to action. However, if you possess enough sense of humor and not take life too seriously, similar to a pastime to distract from the gloomy thoughts, and, again, will be something to tell her friends.
Cases where pregnancy is impossible for medical reasons is a tragedy, but not always, such a diagnosis is a sentence. If you're worried, don't be lazy, go to the doctor, get tested. Better to know than torture yourself with unfounded fears. In most cases infertility is treated, and the sooner you deal with this issue, the better.
Another important point is the age. Unfortunately, the definition of "my year, my wealth" are not applicable. It is considered that the reproductive age is quite small. Twenty-eight years old woman is considered staracademy, and this is no joke. Don't worry, it's all rubbish. There are many cases when the mother first became a mother at thirty-five, forty, or even fifty years. And nothing wrong with that, because women who give birth to the child in adulthood, emotionally and spiritually can give your baby a lot more than teen moms who are still into dolls was not enough. Welcome, informed, long-awaited child in most cases, be more happy and developed, he feels that he came into the world and don't need is for their parents a burden, an unfortunate misunderstanding. A grown woman often is, financially and emotionally independent, so it doesn't hold a stranglehold over the father of the child and put the baby as a trump card every time you want to put pressure on the husband. In the case of divorce or any other controversial situation, is unlikely to hinder the child's relationship with his father.
But what if you really can never be a mother? Accident, botched surgery, congenital. It's painful, unpleasant, disappointing, but do not despair. He who seeks will find, who wants to achieve. While you sit and feel sorry for yourself, wondering why you denied the chief happiness in the life of every woman, somewhere sits a kid whose whole world no one. Only he, because of the inherent children of dreams, to believe that it's not forever, that one day open the door and enter the woman he will call mom. And then everything will work out: will be building, own room, their own, and not shared, toys, album with family photos and future plans. Perhaps your task is to learn unconditional love, is not regulated by any rules and by blood. Why not give an orphan a chance to find a family, maybe it will become the biggest success for both of you?