Advice 1: How do you know your child or not?

"He doesn't like me: eyes, hair, nose, lips – in our family there was not" - this idea certainly visits a certain number of men. When family relationships are not going well, there is no understanding with his wife and grown up son to become obnoxious and rude, the man, Willy-nilly, catch themselves thinking – "it's mine"?
To determine is your child is or is not present will not be a big problem - this will help ordinary genetic analysis. But what about the mothers of those children whose fathers trying to shirk responsibility?
Whose child?
You will need
  • Will have to work hard and pass not the most pleasant procedure:
  • 1. Submit an application to the court.
  • 2. To appoint and to conduct genetic examination.
  • 3. To establish paternity.
  • 4. To join the right of inheritance.
1. There was no agreement, the court will help.

A situation when have to establish paternity, are different. The majority of the woman is not married with the father of the child, and besides he is not eager to go to the registry office and register the child as their own, to give him his name, patronymic and to bear further responsibility for it. In this case, does not remain anything other how to apply to the court. The application will be considered in the order of action proceedings. (Chapter 12 to 22 GPK of the Russian Federation)
The court
2. Genetic examination.

The court can provide any evidence linking the mother and father of the child – the Internet-correspondence, sms messages saved in your phone, video, pictures, testimonies. But most often negligent dad to the last beat off from their parental obligations and begin to collect dirt on mom. In this case, the course is the last trump, against whom all the excuses powerless – genetic examination.

As a rule, it is assigned at the beginning of the trial. The court imposes on the parties involved, the obligation to ensure its implementation. That is, on the appointed day the alleged father and child must be in a medical institution for delivery of biological material. Usually at the time of the examination the court shall suspend the proceedings (article 216 GPK the Russian Federation).

But it is important to know that for the court expert report is not conclusive evidence, and the result will be evaluated together with all other presented evidence.
3. If "the hat" - the establishment of paternity.

Put, the court established paternity, and the decision came into force, the person concerned has the right to submit the application for birth certificates in civil registry offices, which will be entered new dad. Also, the court filed an application for recovery of maintenance for the child. In addition, on behalf of the child, his legal representative can claim the rights to inherited property.
For example, the story with the German tennis player Boris Becker and the mother of his child Russian model Angelina Ermakova. Or thundered all over the country the story of the granddaughter of the famous Natalia Durova. In this case, what is called, not worth powder and shot.
Useful advice
Someone lucky having given birth to at the time, children from "good man", the woman provides herself and the child for life, even if we have to go through litigation. Do not rush to repeat such deeds.

Advice 2: How to find out what the child - Indigo

To raise a child, Indigo is not easy. If you sometimes feel that your baby is older than you, if he can be unbearable and you realize that his behavior is logic, if it cannot cope with ordinary school tasks, but easily writes poetry - he's probably just one of the Indigo children.
How to find out what the child - Indigo
Indigo children have an unusual perception of the world and a particular behavior. There are a few special qualities of Indigo, which can determine whether your child to this "circle" or not.1. Indigo from birth have a sense of self-worth.This does not mean that Indigo children arrogant or cocky. The fact is that when faced with new situations, we intuitively begin to function properly. They are absolutely confident, as if you'd done so many times before.
2. Indigos know who they are.This is an amazing quality that normal children are quite rare. While most kids ask parents: "Who am I?" Indigo children can do well to answer this question. They are well aware that it is not like the others.
3. Indigo does not recognize the absolute authority.Indigo children need freedom of choice. They will not be able to communicate with those adults who impose their opinions, even if those adults are parents. Such children should be treated with respect, explain to them your position and offer themselves to determine their actions.
4. Indigo sometimes can't do simple things.If Indigo children do not understand the significance of a particular action, then it will not do. Not out of stubbornness – just that they have more important tasks. This usually applies to the most basic things, like washing hands or waiting in line.
5. Indigo struggle to survive in a system based on rules and discipline.One of the defining qualities of Indigo children – creativity. It manifests itself not only in creation, but simply in the behavior, in a manner to perform certain actions. Not being able to exercise this quality, children, Indigo lost. This most often occurs at school where adherence to rules is the basis of everything.Indigo children are often offer more simple solutions to things we used to do differently. Because of this, they have no relations with teachers or parents, if the latter is too strict.
6. Indigo barely socializers.The Indigo children is difficult to socialize with other children. If there's no other "special" child, then Indigo would prefer to stay away from the crowd of peers. Kindergarten and school is not easy, and often only complicate the socialization, prolapse to the Indigo child the label of "outcast".
7. Indigo do not perceive punishment.There are two effective ways to make a child-Indigo to stop doing something. The first is to simply shift his attention to something that seems more interesting. Second – talk to him in the first place – to listen carefully to the child and then to speak for itself. Let him know (and he can) why what he was doing was wrong.
8. Indigos know what they want.Indigo children know what they want and are not shy to tell my parents about it. Try to think about the application of the child and to perceive them in the same way as if talking to an adult. After all, an equal companion, you will not all the time to say "no" just because you don't want it.
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