You will need
  • - the list of goods in the price list;
  • - price tags.
After receiving the goods you must obtain a price list for list of names of all received goods. The menu book according to the invoice that you received when accepting goods to the warehouse.
In the first column of the price list, write the name of the product, in the second capacity, expressed in units, litres or kilograms. The third box fill with all trade allowances, including transport, tax and other expenses. If you will be selling goods in catering, please fill in column 4 with the price of supplied products per 100 g For the retail trade this section is optional and it is possible to make a line. Requirements to the price list shown in table 1 50762-2007 GOST-R.
After making the list in the price list, create price tags , subject to the directions in the letter of Roskomtorg 1-304/32-2 from 13 March 1995. For the weight of the goods, specify the name, grade, the price for 1 kg and 100 g For goods bottling – the name, the price for capacity or weight price. For boxed and packaged goods name, weight and price packing.
All price tags must have the signature of the seller and the administrator. Trading without price tags is strictly prohibited. Properly drawn up price lists invalid. Under each price tag should stand date and full name of the outlet. Name outlets can be put at the beginning of the price tag.
If you review the impact that incorrectly introduced the name in the list menu, no price tags or they are incorrect, it will impose a huge administrative fine. Repeated violation of trade rules, the work of the enterprise can stop for 90 days.
All responsible persons of the administrative staff of retail outlets or food needs to monitor the execution of the list of goods in the price list and to control the correctness of the price tags.