Before you apply for a product, contact the company. Find out how you can submit your application: by phone, Fax or send to an email address. Many retailers have their own websites which can also be the possibility of completing and submitting the application. Specify the time when applications are accepted one or another specified method.
Every organization can develop its own form of application. But any of them will be provided for such required fields like name of your organization, the name and initials of the contact person who will deal with the design of the applications, his phone. In addition, you will need to specify the specification of the ordered items, their modification as well as the required number for each position.
Does the application you as the buyer have the right to specify whether there is a price limit order the goods, indicating the marginal cost of each of them. In the case where the supply of these goods has a time limit, specify the final date that the goods should be delivered. It makes sense to specify in the application that this product is intended for participation in the tender, if it is to be carrying out.
After receiving the request, the Manager of the company-the seller will handle it and if there is any questions, will contact you at the contact phone number on it. It will tell you the result of the processing of your application by phone, Fax or e-mail. Usually the Manager must in any case contact you by phone and inform, even if the result of the request has been sent to you by Fax or mail. Then you will only have to confirm the application to the specified goods have been reserved in the warehouse of the seller. If confirmation of the request is not followed, the item will be removed from reserve.