You will need
  • -all the books that were used for writing the work;
  • -Internet sources with references;
  • -magazines and Newspapers, referred to in the work.
A list of literature or, as it is also called, the bibliography is placed at the end of the work. Is made in the form of a list. And can be grouped according to various criteria. For example, be alphabetical, systematic and chronological, in order of appearance in the text. Most popular alphabetical view of bibliography. So, start making a list of used literature, you need to start to organize your sources of information.
First and foremost, in the list are regulatory or legal documents, if any, was used. But just to write: decree number such and such is impossible. Information in the bibliography must be complete. For example, a reference to any normative document need to issue the following: law of the Russian Federation from 07.02.1992, № 2300-1 "On consumer protection” (in red, introduced with effect from 15.01.1996 g. the Federal law of 09.01.1996, No. 2-FZ). // SZ THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. – 1996. - No. 3. – St. 140. By the way, links to such documents only, which in the alphabetical list of literature, are not in alphabetical order, and on the importance of the document. For example, the reference to the Constitution of the Russian Federation is more important than the Law of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the Constitution should be the first number.
How to make <strong>list</strong> <b>literature</b>
On the writing of the book. The main thing when making to carefully study the data written on the flyleaf. And you need to copy them verbatim, without losing a single comma or period. Another important measure has been the publishing house that printed the book. It is also necessary to specify. And, as a result, reference to a book should look like this: Akhtyamov M. K., Likholetov V. V. the Innovative potential of universities in the system of formation of the competitive business environment of the region: monograph. – M.: journal of Creative economy, 2008. – 352 s.: Il. ISBN 978-5-91292-036-3
If the writing of the book was attended by a group of authors (but not more than three persons), then the citation should begin with the names and initials of the authors. But you can specify only one name.
How to make <strong>list</strong> <b>literature</b>
Then issued periodicals. Specify the author, title of material, title of the journal or newspaper, year and issue number. To earn extra bonus from the teacher, you can also specify the page start and end of the article. Looks like link to the periodicals thus: Morozova, L. A. the Functions of the Russian state at the present stage / A. L. Morozova, V. I. Smirnov. // State and law. - 1993. - No. 6. - S. 98-108.
How to make <strong>list</strong> <b>literature</b>
Reference to electronic sources does not differ much from the reference to a periodical publication. Also indicated for the first author, then article title and after the name of the website where the information was taken. You also need to specify another URL and the date of application. The link comes out like this: S. Popov. Financial reporting in the era of knowledge economy. // Library of Creative economy. – 2005. [Electronic resource]. URL: (accessed 07.04.2009).
How to make <strong>list</strong> <b>literature</b>
When compiling a bibliography you need to remember that the main principle of it is this: important to make it easy to find. Therefore, all background information must be stated fully and correctly. This will be the key to successful written work.