Making the inventory of the documents follow on organization's letterhead (if available). It is not mandatory but desirable requirement for such documents. In any case, the organization name must be specified.
Specify the header that should contain identifying information about the identity documentsthat are inventoried. For example, "the inventory of the documentsthat are in the criminal case,""an Inventory of documentsavailable in certification", "Inventory documents for a visa to Denmark," etc. If the compilation of inventories is regularly, list the serial number of the inventory.
Create a table consisting of the following sections: "№ p/p", "document Name", "Number of sheets in the document." Fill in all the fields listed. If necessary, add lookup columns to a table. For example, "Pages from _ _ to ___", "pages", "Value", "note", etc.
Under the table write down how many total sheets of documents or copies you include in the inventory. Write in figures and in words: three (3), 25 (twenty five).
Complete inventory list signed by the leaders of the organization, is somehow responsible for making this list (the inspector of the personnel Department, production Manager, etc.). Write the full name of the position of the head and a transcript of his surname, name and patronymic. If you want to include the document name and signature of the person who passed and accepted the documents.
Please also provide the date of the document. It can be located both at the end and the beginning of the inventory, both the left and right of the document. The seal of the organization in the inventory is not put.
The inventory of the documents compiled in two copies: one remains in the organization, the other is filed at the place required.