You will need
  • - the form to fill in.
Determine the type of your trading companies. First, the presence of the assortment list is mandatory for the following organizations: food shops, pharmacies, beauty salons, hair salons, fitness centers, dining facilities (dining room, bar, restaurant, café) and other business enterprises, if their territory was being implemented related products.
Specify the list of products all kinds of products that you will sell in this trading object. It is important to write as complete as possible the list of goods. If in the future you will receive a new product, which is not reflected in your assortment list, will be required to make appropriate changes that will lead to a delay in the sale of goods.
Complete assortment in a particular sample. Specify the document name of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur, the location of trading object, its area and time. Sign the list by the signature and seal of the organization.
Assortment must always be in place when implementation and verification must be presented to the authorities empowered to exercise control. The goods that are recorded in the list must be present at a retail facility for the entire working day. Is considered an administrative violation and is considered a violation of the rules of trading activities, the failure of the assortment list or lack of it on a trading facility.