Calculate an initial sale price by the formula:
TSR = (S + P +A)+ VAT
TSR – selling price
– Unit cost of products/goods
P – planned /desired level of profit (profitability)
A – the excise duty (if any)
VAT – added tax stoiomst
Decide on the level of income and profits you wish to obtain over the planning period. Make sure sales can provide you this level.
Determine the break-even point, i.e. the volume of sales at which there is neither loss nor profit. This is necessary in order to understand, below what level of implementation you can't fall. The break-even point = Total fixed costs/(price - variable costs per unit of output).
Get to know the market. Find out the volume of product sales your group. Find out the prices for similar goods, works and services from your competitors. Find out what products are substitutes for the product that you produce. Conduct market research of the expectations of customers.
Compare the original (desired) selling price which you have by calculating with the prices of your competitors or with the level of expectations of customers.
Adjust the initial sale price. Develop and install system of discounts. Set different prices for different sales volumes. Build a graphical model. For this purpose, according to the x-axis show price on the y-axis is the sales volumes. Build curves of supply and demand, on the basis of previously collected data for marketing research (demand curve) and their own expectations (the supply curve). Thus, you learn the optimum sales price for your market.