Advice 1: How to make a journal in the list of references

List of references – one of the sections of a scientific work. It indicates all the bibliographic materials that were used in writing the work. The order of references is governed by the relevant standard. One of the types of sources – magazine article. How do you properly execute it in the bibliography?
How to make a journal in the list of references
You will need
  • - original article;
  • - text editor;
Before you put an article in the list of references, check her link in the text of the paper. Remember that in the list of references you can make only those sources to which you refer in the text.
First, in the link specify the list of authors, names and initials. If you create an article was involved up to three authors, it is possible to list them all. If there were more than three, after the first write "etc.". This also applies to articles of foreign authors, "etc." in this case is replaced by the Latin et al. It is believed that this expression should be in italics, but allowed no release.
Then write the full name of the article. Be careful, follow the spelling and punctuation of the author. If at the end of the article title is a question mark or exclamation mark, it needs to be put down and in the bibliographic description. Otherwise no sign is placed. After the title of the article place two slashes (//).
Indicate in which journal was this article published. In this part of the bibliographic description standard abbreviations are allowed.
This is followed by the year of issue.
Specify the volume number (if any) and the issue number of the journal.
Optionally, you can specify the page numbers on which the journal is this article.
Examples of articles from journals in the reference list:
Z. Lei et al. Culture and neural differentiation of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in vitro // Cell Biology International. - 2007. - V. 31. - P. 916-923.
Viktorov I. V. Stem cells of mammalian brain: biology of stem cells in vivo and in vitro // proceedings of the Academy of Sciences. A series of biological.- 2001.- No. 6.- C. 646-655.
Keep in mind that each edition may have its own principles for the design of bibliographic descriptions. Carefully read the instructions, if any provided to you and follow them.
Useful advice
Bibliographies at the end of scientific works to facilitate the search you specified literature for those people who want to go to the source. Therefore, responsible approach to the formation of the list of references.

Advice 2: How to make a bibliography reference

In any scientific work, be it essay, coursework, thesis or dissertation, design plays just as important a role as the content. It often happens that the registration of the list of literature and links takes just a few hours and several days. Links to different types of sources are processed differently.
How to make a bibliography reference
The first type of source - book, textbook, or scientific work, who wrote from one to three authors.
It is made this way: surname and initials of author, title of work (with capital letters), city where book was published, dots and a colon, name of publishing house, year of publication, period, number of pages, period.
Example: Propp V. Y. Morphology "magic" tales. Moscow: Labirint, 1998. 256 p.
If the book consists of one volume, but of the authors she has more than three, at the beginning specifies the name of the book, and then one of the authors with a note [etc.]. If you want you can list all authors for the mistake it will not be counted.
Example: occupational health of operating personnel of nuclear power plants: methods of maintaining and restoring / V. I. Evdokimov, G. N. Roddatis, V. L. Marishchuk, B. N. Ushakov, I. B. Ushakov. M. ; Voronezh : Istoki, 2004. 250 C.
Article from the magazine and Newspapers is made on the same principle as the book (also plays the role of the number of authors). The only difference is that the article title and publication name shared by two forward slashes, still need to indicate the edition number.
Example: Y. L. Latynina Budget for fighters // the New newspaper. 2011. No. 85. S. 9-10.
If you use a multi-volume publication, it is necessary to specify in the link what kind of volume you used.
Example: Solovyov V. S. Beauty in nature: Op. 2 t. M.: Progress, 1998. Vol. 1. 355с.
Most of the information today we have to take from the Internet electronic sources of information are documented in a special way. First author and publication name, then the name and the type of electronic resource. After given the link to the page with the text and the date accessed.
Example: Y. L. Latynina Budget for fighters // Novaya Gazeta [the website]. URL: (accessed on 04.08.2011).
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