You will need
  • A thermometer or a special test to determine basal temperature.
  • Spicy food with high content of potassium and sodium.
  • Ancient Chinese table.
  • Confidence and patience.
One of the ways of determining the sex of the child based on the characteristics of sperm. The female egg cell contains only X chromosome and the sperm cell is the carrier of the X-and Y-chromosomes. The Y chromosome determines the development of male germ cells. Thus, if the egg is fertilized the X chromosome, then it's a girl. But if a Y-chromosome, then a boy.
So first of all it is necessary to accurately determine the date for the upcoming ovulation. For this it is necessary either to measure the basal temperature for several menstrual cycles, or buy a special test. If you want son, it is recommended to abstain during the week before ovulation. Sexual intercourse it is best to have on the day preceding or coinciding with the date of ovulation.
A statistical study showed that the method is effective approximately 80% of cases.
How to find a boy to be born
The other method is recommended to calculate the age of the parents up to date. Then the mother's age is divided by 3, father - 4. Whose balance will be more child sex and work, because his blood is "newer". You must also consider the large loss of blood, after which the blood updated - surgery, childbirth, miscarriage, blood transfusion, blood donation.
The Chinese sages believed that the sex of the child depends directly from the mother's age and month of conception. Even a special table indicating favorable months for conception of a boy or girl depending on the age of the mother. The probability of this method is not more than 60%. Although many experts are inclined to this method.
The most favorable period for the birth of the boy is 18 years of age and the end of reproductive age. Men are the months from November to January. In this period the probability to have a boy more.
In Ancient Egypt, gender was determined in the following manner, however, after conception. The urine of a pregnant woman poured the grains of barley and wheat. If first sprouted barley is expected the appearance of the boy. No scientific study of this pattern is not so far. However, the repetition of the experiment in the middle of the twentieth century showed the statistical reliability of the results. Error was found less than a third of cases.
Some studies claim to give birth to a boy, the woman should eat spicy foods with high salt content and sodium and potassium. Success is possible only if the feeding regime is strictly enforced.
If you have made every effort, but was born a girl, do not worry. Rejoice that you have a baby. Look around and see how many unhappy couples would like to be in your place. Because they are not yet able to become parents.
How to find a boy to be born