You will need
  • your passport; VAT; Internet access;
The first and easiest way to learn about the availability of debt in financial institutions — is to sit and wait for the phone call from the Bank lender for your home number. As a rule, banks and other financial institutions start to call unfair to the taxpayers with a 10-day overdue loans. Also in a month or two come home the so-called chain letters warning about the amount of debt and fines for late payment.
If you have or had a Bank card account, and you have not used or decided about him quite to forget, this does not mean that there cannot be a so-called unauthorized credit. It appears when the services of the Bank servicing the account accumulated a negative balance. Banks generally do not bother clients for such petty amounts, but of them for a few years might be a huge debt. Therefore, on the basis of your own peace of mind, all card accounts need to be closed immediately after the decision to part with them and it should be done personally in the Bank. If you use this account, discover the services of Internet banking, where online lists all available means including debts. For this purpose you can also use the ATM of that Bank whose credit card you have to use.
You can contact the credit Bureau personally or through their official website. But it is impossible to be fully confident in the absolute quality of the information received. The problem is that not all banks enter into a contract on the transfer of the data of their debtors to the Bureau, and the credit community, and a fortiori do not cooperate with him. Therefore, the resulting information cannot be warranted to be free of you credits, which you do not know.
To carry out the analysis of official sites of financial institutions that make loans fast, cash only on the passport. The trouble is that such organizations, as a rule, more than a hundred. You can call every number in their contact centres with a request to check the availability of credit by surname, name, patronymic and INN. This method is the fact that analysis is necessary to spend a huge amount of time, and calls too. The banks and lending community is opposed to the provision of such information over the phone.
The most accurate way to learn about the unknown you loans is to apply to all lending organizations from your list in writing by registered letter. The letter should include questions on the availability of credit in your name, attach copy of new passport and a document from the police about the loss of the previous passport. They are obliged to respond to you for thirty days, and if you find that these loans have and are you evidence will only help law enforcement with the date of your statement about loss of passport. Therefore, this incident should declare a day of loss/theft and claim document commit from law enforcement.