Please read carefully the agreement on the loan, a copy of which you handed out. Usually it contains information about how much time is required to the creditor for the verdict. Often the specified period does not exceed 7-10 days, so it is best to wait a bit. Professionals should independently contact you as soon as we review your request. The modern way of announcement of the decision on the loan is sending SMS messages or E-mails so please check your Inbox.
Call the telephone number listed in the contract. For example, due to the large queue of customers and applications, the Bank may call the borrower on time and to inform its decision. Also, there are times when the application is lost and will not be contacted again if you do not remind about yourself. If you haven't filled out any applications and do not have the documents on hand, please read the information on the website of the lender.
When applying for a loan on the item in the store you will learn about the decision of the Bank from a specialist who deals with the transaction. The decision of the Bank will go to his computer in about 15 minutes after the request. If you have sent a request over the Internet, make sure do not encounter any failures in the system. Call the Bank and ask if your request.
In some cases, Bank officials simply not in a hurry to call those who do not approve the loan, so as not to waste their time. In the case of unjustified refusal of loan or the unwillingness of the Bank staff to communicate with you phone-free hotline companies and present your claim. Technical support representatives can help you find out the situation on the loan and bypass the institution where you placed your order.