If you have forgotten your code subject credit history, you should contact the Bank where the loan was taken, and to inform his staff about his desire to know this ID.
You will need to show them your passport.
Report code you are required on demand.
However much more often the situation arises when no code subject credit history you have is actually there. If you have made the last loan product until 2006, you have the ID and can not be, because was not informed of the relevant law.
There are also cases when after its adoption the code has not been invented: this for some reason did not want to do the borrower or the Bank was not informed about the necessity of this.
In this case, you can get your code by contacting the Bank where you took out a loan (will have to sign a consent to share information about you to the credit bureaus) or at any of these offices, the full list can be found on the website of the Central catalogue of credit histories.
You can also send a request to the Central catalogue of credit histories through the notary public or the post office, where there is a Telegraph.
This will need to show the notary or postal workers passport or other identity document, and to pay for the service at current rate.