Decide on the beneficiaries of a charity auction, and in what form it will be (concert, sports event, auction, fair, etc.). Depending on this, determine who will be the guests of the event and where to find funds to cover the expenses of the organization (ticket sales, sponsorship and/or sales of their products). Conclude contracts with mass media and the owners of the web sites information support.
Contact the lawyers to consult about your chosen form of collecting donations. For example, in the case of corporate sponsorship, provided that the contract has been issued on charitable donation, you will be can not pay income taxes. And at the conclusion of the contract with a specific Bank, you can negotiate that when you transfer money to the account of your non-profit organizations were not charged a Commission fee.
Independently or with the assistance of employees of advertising agencies, prepare articles, booklets and posters covering the event. Don't exhaust the possible participants unnecessary details, enter in the information materials specific goals and objectives of your fundraiser. Don't forget to bring and details of the organization (name, address, phone numbers, e-mail, account number).
Determine the place, date and time of the fundraiser. Try to keep your "competitors" do not become not less significant event held on the same day. This will provide you with full support and the media, and a large influx of participants guests of the event.
Spread information about the impending action in universities and institutions of the city in order to recruit staff of volunteers, without which usually there is no event of this kind. Prepare a list of instructions for volunteers, take care of their accommodation and food, organize an uninterrupted supply of volunteers necessary supplies and if you plan a long project, communication. Don't forget to thank them for their assistance in the preparation of the action.
Be sure to pay attention to the media coverage of the outcome of the action. Articles and reports should contain information on the amount of collected funds and their distribution, as well as the number of participants and guests of the event.