Define goals that guide you, creating a charity organization. Despite the fact that such forms of ownership non-commercial purposes, some future policy therefore increase its rating among potential voters, as direct support for parties is not a charity. But it is possible that creating such an organization, do you want to help the needy, which once belonged to themselves. Often such funds are created and in memory of the untimely deceased people.
Select the activity for the organization. Depending on future employment, you will have to choose the legal form of your enterprise (Foundation, Association, Association, institution, etc.). In addition, organizing some of them, you will be able to engage in commercial activities, but only under the condition that all the amounts you received will be sent to charity.
Develop a Charter for your organization based on the goals and activities. And hold a meeting of the founders and put the Charter to a vote. Collect all the information about the founders.
Please contact the tax authorities and submitting all documents to register a legal person, obtain the EGRUL and codes Federal state statistics service, complete printing. Please note: charities are not exempt from all taxes. So they have to pay the VAT in full from income received from the enterprise, directed on charity. At the same time, income received from other sources, is not taxed.
Rent a suitable office space. Choose a room in the city centre or in the building office center. The offices of charities located in disadvantaged areas or outside the city, not contribute to improving the reputation of organizations. Register your organization name in the Rospatent.
Contact the branch of the fed at the Ministry of justice for registration of charitable organizations. You will be asked to submit the following documents:- application for registration (2 copies);
- the original and 2 certified by a notary copies of the Charter;
- member information (2 copies);
- minutes of the founding meeting (2 certified copies);
- a letter of guarantee from the lessor;
- for organizations not below the national level – protocols of conferences, congresses, etc.;
- the documents confirming your right to use the organization's name.
Will receive a certificate of registration of your organization in the branch of the fed at the Ministry of justice not later than 30 days.