The easiest way to conduct a charitable campaign , a charitable Foundation registered with the volunteer movement, of a large company. Funds, for example, often hold shares in large shopping complexes. The event can be timed to the New year, when everyone will be able to buy a gift for the orphan and put it in a special box.
To implement such an action, find a large store or shopping Mall. This can be done through mailings or communication with the press service of the organization. Imagine a charity program, which outlines the conditions of such action, its purpose, methods of realization of the advertising company. Engage the store management good advertising conditions. You can invite them to become an information sponsor of the Fund, to enter into Board of Trustees. Cooperation with the charity Fund always has a positive effect on the image of the business. In addition, days charity events has raised the profit of shopping centres, providing a place for its implementation.
To charity is the fundraising for the treatment. Hold such shares for charitable organizations, they guarantee that the help these people really need. The Fund may provide your checking account and all necessary documents and certificates. As a rule, the funds post on their web sites photos of sick people, write a diagnosis report for which treatment requires money.For more major events attracted the media. Often in magazines or Newspapers you can find ads with asking for help. Edition work only with the funds as are required to publish accurate, reliable information.
Often hold charity events and editions. They can work with foundations and independently, directly handing the proceeds to the needy. These are one-off in nature and often confined to holidays. For example, before the New year letters to children-orphans or seriously ill Santa Claus. Any reader can give a child a gift that he is waiting for.
Guide such charitable action in my office. Please contact the charitable Foundation, which oversees orphanages, hospitals, homes for the elderly. Foundation staff will come to you and decorate the tree. And decorations will be balloons with pictures of the kids and their letters to Santa Claus. Each employee may take the letter and accomplish his cherished dream. When all the gifts are purchased, volunteers will give their children.