Charities are non-profit organizations and have a simplified taxation scheme. In the Fund's Charter must be indicated what percentage of earmarked donations, the organization has the right to use directly on the needs of the Fund. This amount may not exceed 30% of each receipt.
The resulting percentage can be used for rent, salary, office work, transport costs.
All Foundation personnel must be formally employed and subject to applicable taxes. To help you have the right to attract volunteers cooperating with the Foundation on a Pro Bono basis. In this case the official staff can be significantly reduced, leaving only the post of General Director and accountant.
For office rent, as a rule, spent a lot of money. You need to think about whether to abandon the office, and all meetings in neutral places. All the necessary information a potential donor can obtain on the website of the Fund.
You can find a free room, for example, a study at the University, a large company or a children's creativity center. You can go to the local DES and to obtain information on premises leased in the area. Then write a petition to the prefect or the mayor of the city with the request to help to free the area under the Fund.
Transport costs can be compensated with the help of volunteers – to involve them in the delivery of needed items to the beneficiaries. And actively use them on a business trip and for holding charity events.
Thus, if the Fund balance on the no premises, no transport, but just a couple of employees, the legal 30% percent of the monthly donations, you can officially deduct the payroll. Only do not forget that the main purpose of the charitable Foundation – helping the needy, not personal enrichment.