You will need
  • portfolio;
  • - business cards.
Find websites of famous people. Or people whose activity lies in the sphere of your interests. For example, you are looking for sponsorship for a private art gallery. So, to find a patron among the better famous artists or sculptors. They usually carry information about the charitable aid or patronage that are involved.
Letter of the potential benefactor must contain a report of your activities. Let's say you are looking for a sponsor for the organization of the concert with participation of children with disabilities or orphans. Specify exactly how you should be holding a concert, where he will undergo what the purpose. But try not to ask for money. Focus on the fact that you only need the participation and support of eminent persons, assistance in conducting PR-actions.
If your letter will be of interest to a potential sponsor, you will be contacted by the press Secretary or personal assistant. At the meeting with him tell all about his activities, what difficulties arise, what has been done. If you have had experience of such events, provide photos.
Question about financial aid should always come from the interested parties. In this case, you must be prepared with indicative costs. Try to amount looked the most likely, mortgage quote only the necessary costs. For myself, I will not forgive any remuneration. If the sponsor deems your request interesting and will help once, it is likely that his help is not limited. And you will get a permanent patron.
Look for sponsors and charity events and auctions, which bring together representatives of business and culture. Keep a portfolio that reflects your work. Make business cards that will contain brief information about you, if you, for example, the President of the Foundation or the head of the volunteer group. You can do a booklet that describes your activities and the future plans.
Don't hesitate to approach people and introduce myself, just in a nutshell tell us about yourself and leave a business card or leaflet with a link to their personal website. No need to be obsessive, keep the conversation friendly, with a smile. The more cards you distribute, the more chances that someone will take interest in you.