Log in to your mailbox via the web browser of the phone. To do this, start the browser and enter in the address bar the URL of your mail service. Many web sites have their own mobile counterparts. 'Pages of mobile versions of sites are different from the normal letter m at the beginning:- –;- Gmail –;- "Yandex" –;- "Rambler" – etc.
Find on the page a link to log in to the mailbox. Enter in the corresponding fields your username and password as you usually do on the computer. Install, if required, check box in the line "Remember me". Click on the button "Login". To continue to log into the mail didn't have to enter the URL manually save the link to the page in the browser's bookmarks.
Do not worry if you do not know the URL of the mobile version of your site — use the normal. Redirect to mobile version automatically during page load. Another thing is that mobile versions are not always convenient to use — sometimes they are missing some important functions. For example, you cannot view attached files. In this case, you will need to switch to the full version. Most links for this switch are located at the bottom of the page.
Use for work with mail client software. For mobile phones, as with computers, there are program-collectors letters. Apply them especially useful if you use multiple e-mail addresses. If you create such a program accounts for each of your account, you don't have to constantly go out of the box in a box — the program will collect all the letters together. Such built-in functionality provided by many modern mobile phones. If your mobile is not one of them, look for the appropriate version of the mail client in the Internet.
Don't forget that many popular e — mail service, Yandex, Gmail has launched its own mobile app. These programs allow you not only to read and send emails but also to update the status on your personal page, chat chat with friends online, use maps, etc.
Download the program from the website of your mail service. The easiest way to do it, if you go to the page via the browser of the phone. In this case, you probably do not have to find a suitable application version for your model of phone, you will be prompted to install automatically. After completion of installation process run the application and log in with your username and password.