You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - an antivirus program.
If your mailbox was such well known sites as:,, and other similar servers, then worry about e-mail scanning for viruses is not worth. In installed agent — a program that checks incoming mail automatically, creating a reliable protection from spam and viruses. In the system virus protection is running the built in server program Dr. Web that works with a very high percentage of reliability. Other mail resources, for example:,,, testing for viruses is also carried out automatically using the built-in special programs.
If your Inbox is installed locally on your computer, supply the reliable anti-virus program that is able (written on the package of the antivirus) to scan your mail. Ensure that your virus scan database is regularly updated from the Internet, not less than once in three days.
When there is a need to check any letters coming to your mailbox, open the antivirus program standing on your computer. Specify that you want to check in the mailbox or single folder. Any mail program creates the folders that you are storing all mail. For example, TheBat is the Mail folder located in the root files of the program.
If you have received suspicious mail in the box, the program somehow missed it, never click links contained within such messages. Since the website to which the link refers may be infected by any virus.
Try to collect broader information about the sender of the suspicious message. Look for information about him on the Internet or ask people on the forums have received one of them letters to this mailing address.