Open the mail app on Windows 8.1. On the start screen features live tiles with the image of the letter. You can use the search by writing the word "mail" on the start screen.
In the Mail app move the mouse to the right screen and in the appearing menu, select Settings. In the menu settings of the Mail app in Windows 8.1, you have to enter the item of Account. It is here that we will be able to configure mailboxes for virtually any e-mail services.
To customize the drawer Yandex, you need to specify in Windows Mail 8.1 the following parameters.
Email address — the address of your mailbox.
Username and password for your account on Yandex, and password.
The server incoming and outgoing mail respectively port 993 and the port of 465.
Other flags settings notifications about new emails and other things set at its discretion.
To configure Gmail account settings similar, but the server addresses and ports others. Outgoing mail server port 993 and outgoing the port of 465.