Useful tips

To quickly and efficiently pump up your body at home, you need to have an accurate training schedule and stick to it. Experts recommend to hold classes 2-3 times a week with a break of a few days. The duration of each training session should be 40-90 minutes depending on your goals and overall fitness. Classes should start with a light warm-up, which will warm up all the muscles of the body. In this way you will be able to avoid different kinds of injuries and sprains. After that you can proceed to the basic exercises.

A set of exercises

In order to build muscles, need more sports equipment – dumbbells. For exercise, you should stand up straight. In hands take dumbbells and alternately bend them at the elbows. The exercise performed 10-15 times for each arm.

Starting position of the next exercise is sitting on a chair, legs slightly apart to the sides. In the right hand need to take the dumbbell. Gradually lower it to the floor so that the elbow touches the mid-thigh of the right leg. Gently return to starting position. Repeat the exercise in 2 sets of 15-18 times on each hand.

The following exercise is designed to pump a piece of cake belt. Hands with dumbbells place around. Slowly squeeze their elbows, dumbbells touching shoulders. Please note: the back should be flat and not SAG. Unclenching his elbows, his hands raise up. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times in 3 sets.

Pushups are most effective for pumping chest muscles. Hand position the fingers forward as close to your chest. Exercise should be done 10-15 times in 2-3 sets. To increase the load on the back to hang a backpack full of books.

To pump up the back muscles, lie on your stomach. Put your hands behind your head, clasping them to the castle. Gradually lift your thorax from the floor surface. In the endpoint fix. Note: when performing exercises, the head should go up. Gently return to original position. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times in 3 sets.

Exercise for the muscles of the upper abdominals is familiar to many from physical education lessons in school. Lie on a flat surface. Hands place behind his head. Legs slightly bend at the knees, spreading them apart. Slowly lift the upper body not rotting spine. Fix the endpoint for 3-5 seconds. Gently return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times in 3 sets.

To pump up the muscles of the lower press, lie on a hill so that the lower part of the body slightly hanging down. Gradually raise your legs to your chest, bending at the knees. Perform 3 sets of 20.

Lie on a hard surface. Hand position along the body of the body. Slowly lift your straight legs up at an angle of 45 degrees. Fix the endpoint for 10 seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise 15 to 18 times.

To build leg muscles at home using squats. Here too there are nuances. If you perform deep squats, the main burden will fall on the hip. For leveling the gluteal muscles squat as low as possible. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times in 3 sets.