You will need a horizontal bar and parallel bars. Remember that there are a lot of exercises with a weight that will make you a true athlete. The basis of your training is the gradual increase of loads in the working approaches. Perform 5 sets of each exercise. Start with 5 reps in each set. The scheme of increasing the load is the following: once you can perform 5 sets of 5 reps (5 on 5), start to do 5 to 6, then 5 for 7, etc. Remember that the correct increase of training intensity is the key to long lasting and permanent progress.
Start your workout with push UPS on the bars. This exercise will work your chest muscles and triceps. Remember that you need to exhale when you bend hands in elbow joints, i.e. the rise. Inhale when lowered. After the assignment, go to the pull-UPS on the bar wide grip. This is one of the best exercises, working on the widest muscle of the back. When you perform pull-UPS involve more bicep and. Alternate pull-UPS behind your head and toward your chest. This will allow to use the different beams of the widest muscles.
After you complete these exercises go to work on foot. If your physical training allows, you'll put on your shoulder partner and do the squats. If you have just started to train, then perform a squat without the additional load. After performing squats, go to work on the press. First press bleed on the floor. To do this, fix the feet and bend your knees. Start the sit-UPS to the knees. Also you can load the muscles of the belly on the bar. To do this, run vis, and start to lift the knees bent to her chin. The same exercise can be done on the bars by focusing on his outstretched hands.