To pump up the muscles for a week is not difficult as it seems at first glance. It is sufficient to follow a certain plan, which we will make next.Revise your schedule i.e. select the 2 hours of free time every day is the best time for training and development of the underlying muscles.
Next, decide on the food. I have to eat often and abundantly. This process has its own tricks. Eat, for example "carbs" will get the energy, protein mass, fat – reserve forces. All this will form the body of your diet for the entire week and beyond.
For Breakfast eat "carbs" - bread, potatoes, pasta, cereals, sweets. Natural carbohydrate is sugar. Honey, depending on the species, contains 70-80 % glucose and fructose.Lunch consists of "protein" - cheese, curd, meat of animals and chicken, fish , peas, beans, nuts. Dinner from the complex fats and protein cream, sour cream, curd special, Dutch cheese, pork meat, duck meat and geese, and sausages boiled and smoked sausages, sprats, chocolate, cakes, halva.
All the products contain a maximum of the desired substance.
Basic exercises for fast growth of muscles is very simple.
The result will be visible already on the second day of training, as combined with nutrition and loads of muscle mass increases rapidly.
Perform the following exercises every day. Plan 3-4 sets of 12-14 times.Lifting dumbbells.Hold two dumbbells 4-5 kg. Then sit on a horizontal bench, keep your back straight. And exhaling profusely and retracting oxygen, raise dumbbells to chest level. Slowly lower to the starting position. This kind of will help to shake the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper chest.
Pulling up.Jump onto the horizontal bar. Hold tightly with both hands, grip a little more than average, that is about 100 centimeters in length. Next pull so that the chin almost touched the bar or higher . Fix its position, then slowly lower down. This will allow you to rock back, biceps, neck and shoulders.
Bench press bar.The weight of the stamp should be in the "area" 20-3 kg to begin with, after 2-3 days increase it by 10-15 kg.
Lie on bench, grip the neck, lower it so that it almost touches your chest, lock and exhale lift up. It will help to quickly pump up chest, shoulders, neck and triceps.
Based on this plan, the muscles with a week is guaranteed. Good luck!