The answer is simple, systematic training. This method though is not easy, but the surest and safe. To start, make a set of exercises suitable for you. Discuss with your coach the optimum amount of certain exercises a day. And start training. It is important to note that to increase load it is necessary gradually not to shock the body. Such training can help not only increase your muscle mass, but also the development of flexibility of your body. However, a quick result can be expected, but the approach that builds character, endurance, patience, determination, and is also important.
Also contribute to the achievement of the result can a change in diet. You can resort to a diet or just to start eating healthier without restricting themselves. The right choice depends on the goal. For those who decided to slow weight better diet. And for those who simply want to gain muscle mass is proper diet. It is important to note that limitations in food should be approached very carefully: they must be small, and is recommended by nutritionist. The secret of proper nutrition is simple: on the day sure to eat a bowl of soup or broth, eat as many vegetables and fruits.
So, if you have a strong enough character, in about three months you will get a remarkable result and can be proud of not only their muscles but also their patience and endurance.