Advice 1: How to pump without protein

For boys and girls around the world very important in their figure. Modern fashion for tanned and trained body requires the impossible from us. Many people tend to relief the body, but not always used the proper techniques. For example, sometimes a lot of harm to the body can cause protein is a widely known dietary Supplement to support muscle growth. Protein can cause digestive problems and allergic reaction. So how do you build muscle without protein?
How to pump without protein
The answer is simple, systematic training. This method though is not easy, but the surest and safe. To start, make a set of exercises suitable for you. Discuss with your coach the optimum amount of certain exercises a day. And start training. It is important to note that to increase load it is necessary gradually not to shock the body. Such training can help not only increase your muscle mass, but also the development of flexibility of your body. However, a quick result can be expected, but the approach that builds character, endurance, patience, determination, and is also important.
Also contribute to the achievement of the result can a change in diet. You can resort to a diet or just to start eating healthier without restricting themselves. The right choice depends on the goal. For those who decided to slow weight better diet. And for those who simply want to gain muscle mass is proper diet. It is important to note that limitations in food should be approached very carefully: they must be small, and is recommended by nutritionist. The secret of proper nutrition is simple: on the day sure to eat a bowl of soup or broth, eat as many vegetables and fruits.
So, if you have a strong enough character, in about three months you will get a remarkable result and can be proud of not only their muscles but also their patience and endurance.

Advice 2: How to build muscle without protein

All modern magazines on bodybuilding is just full of different supplements. Plenty of articles written about different types of proteins, which help bodybuilders gain muscle mass. But to achieve the same results possible without sports nutrition. The only thing you need is to choose the right training program and diet.
How to build muscle without protein
You will need
  • Food and nutrition Handbook, pen, notebook or a text editor on the computer, calculator, kitchen scales.
The first thing you need to know how many calories per day you should consume to gain muscle mass. To do this, multiply your weight by 40, the resulting figure will be the necessary amount of calories consumed. That is, if the body weight is 70 kg, then multiplying it by 40, you will receive 2,800 calories. Now, knowing the necessary caloric intake, we can calculate how much you need to consume proteins, fats and carbohydrates. About 25-30% of the calories should be protein, 55-60% carbs and 15-20% fats. For example, consider the following ratio: 25/55/20. At this ratio we get that protein, carbohydrates and fats will have 700, 1540, and 560 kcal. Knowing that 1G of protein and carbohydrates is 4 kcal and 1G fat is 9 kcal, we will continue our calculation:

700 : 4 = 175g of protein;
1540 : 4 = 385г carbohydrates;
560 : 9 = 62g fat.
So it's time to pick up necessary food and their number. You may first think that this is a complicated process, but actually it is not. Whatever it takes at this stage is the nutritional guide, kitchen scales (you can do without them, as almost all the products in the stores are sold by weight) and a notebook with pen for notes. In order to switch to the required diet was easy and did not bring discomfort, it is best done gradually, for example, in a week or two. Select a few days during which you write down everything you eat, and closer to a dream, calculate calorie content of food and absorption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates by the scheme, which was described above. This simple task will help you understand what changes you should make to the diet.
It is worth remembering that not all proteins and carbohydrates are the same. Breakfast and dinner is better to choose foods that will provide nutrients for a long time. Source of carbohydrates are cereals and flour products, and proteins - meat, cheese, and poultry. After a workout to quickly replenish the body's energy resources it is better to choose the so-called fast carbs and easily digestible proteins. Source first will be all kinds of sweets and fruits, and the second fish, eggs and milk.
It is also worth remembering that in the period set mass you need to drink sufficient water (not less than two liters per day). Completely avoid the use of alcohol, which brings water from cells, making them weak, which reduces the volume and strength of muscles.
If following is given in this article topic, you do not get the desired result (for example, for almost a month have not gained weight), then increase caloric intake by 200-300 kcal, and watch for changes. If the result remains the same, it is likely that the problem must be sought in the training program. For most the limit is three workouts a week, and some enough for two. If the problem was congestion, then before you move to a new training scheme, I should have at least a ten-day vacation from the gym.
Useful advice
Good pump up muscle mass without using protein supplements everyone can, the main thing to choose the meal plan and follow it. It is not so important to present some special products, it is important that they have the right balance.
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