You will need
  • high horizontal bar, Swedish wall, horizontal bar low, chair, gymnastic bench.
Pushups with emphasis feet on the wall (muscles of the shoulder girdle and triceps).
Stand face to the wall. Get down on all fours, hands about 30 cm from the wall. Take the position of the rack on the head: the heels touch the wall, arms bent at the elbows, the head rests on the floor. Extend hands to the head appeared above the floor, and the emphasis was entirely on the hands. Fix position for one second and return to starting position. Perform as many repetitions as you can.
The rise of the legs (the muscle press and hip flexors).
Grasp a high bar so that the feet almost touched the ground. Hands shoulder width apart. On the inhale pull your hips toward the belly to the shins was at chest height parallel to the ground. Exhaling, slowly return to starting position and repeat again. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps.
Pull-UPS (muscle back).
Grab the bar wide grip, feet slightly touch the ground. Engage the muscles of the arms and back from the beginning of the movement. Legs slightly bent at the knees. Pull up so your chin is above the bar, then slowly return to starting position. If you take up the crossbar reverse grip, the exercise is easier to perform, it will be developed further and biceps.
The yield strength (the muscles of the back, triceps, shoulders, hips).
Grab the bar, legs bent at the knees. Drawing hands, move the body over the crossbar and through the hands to maintain balance. Hold for 1-2 seconds and return to starting position. The case should not deviate neither backward nor forward.
Squats with a focus back into the wall (hip flexors, glutes).
Will prelolitas back to the wall so that the spaced shoulder-width apart the feet defended from it by about 60 cm. Slightly bend your knees and hold this position for 10 seconds. Keep your knee bent lower body lower and lower, and again with a 10-second fixation. Continue to descend until the number of positions reaches five, the latter case needs to be as close as possible to the floor. As well, sliding his back along the wall, climb up. Repeat. To increase the load – increase the delay time in each position.
Reverse push-UPS (chest triceps, Delta).
Place a chair at a distance of approximate one meter from the gymnastic benches. Press your straight arms in gymnastic bench back, feet on the edge of a chair. Keeping body upright, bend your arms until then, until your shoulders are parallel to the floor. Return to starting position.
Uneven push-UPS (chest muscles, the front part of the cortex).
Place your feet on bed and hands on the floor. And under the right arm should stand, for example, book. Straighten your body in one line with your feet. Lower the body by bending the elbows. Sharply push off from the floor so that the body, rising up, moved to the right. Land on the kickstand with your left hand. Press from the floor in regular mode. Alternate push-UPS – push from changing hands. Do at least 12 push UPS.
The pendulum (front and lateral part of the cortex)
Lie back on a gym bench. Grab hold of the edge at the head. United raise your legs up at a right angle to the body. Tilt the connected leg to the side to angle of 45 degrees. Gradually move the legs in the other direction. Do 8 repetitions on each side.
Lifting on socks (calf muscle).
Stand on a book or low stand on tiptoes, the heels hang down. Slightly bend your knees. Climb up as far as you can, hold on a second, return to starting position. Make at least 100 iterations.
Wiring on the towels(chest deltoid, the front part of the cortex).
Take the emphasis lying on a slippery floor. Under each hand place a towel. Maintaining the position of the hands and body unchanged, spread towels in hand, hold arms slightly bent. When your chest almost touches the floor, return to starting position. Do 12 reps.