You will need
  • - Mat;
  • - weight (backpack with books).
To build muscle at home without using simulators , it is possible but for this you should spend at least an hour a day for exercise. For a positive result artificially increase the weight during training, for example, wear a backpack filled with books. Importantly, in addition to your own weight was still some kind of load.
An effective way to build muscle is to do push – UPS. It is desirable to perform this exercise on compressed fists. Cross your feet at the back to hang the load in the form of a backpack or other weighting material. Inhaling, smoothly descend, and then exhale to come up. And lifting should be two times faster than down. Exercise until full fatigue. In this exercise involves the triceps and pectoral muscles. The wider the hands are apart, the more the upper chest muscles.
To develop the pectoral muscles and repeat the stretch. To do this, place two chairs so that they were slightly wider than the shoulders at the collarbone level. Put your feet up on the sofa, it is desirable that he was a little above the level of the chairs. Try the push-UPS, deep sink with direct body until, until you feel a pulling pain in his chest. The number of repetitions depends on your fitness level. Exercise 10 times in 4 sets.
The next step is the development of abdominal muscles. Lay a Mat and lie on your back, bend your knees at a right angle and find support for the feet (place your feet under the battery or under the couch), put your hands behind your head. Start slowly to rise, alternate each climb turning your body left and right. Do not just give our best, otherwise you'll regret it in the morning. Great start can quickly come to naught.
To develop leg muscles by using running. But if Jogging is not suitable for any reason, use trusted and reliable way – sit-UPS that must be performed efficiently. Back arched, hips are parallel to the floor, feet do not detach from the place it stops. The best effect is achieved if squats will be performed with extra load (weight should not be large, otherwise it will be to hurt back). Start with 20 sit-UPS a day, gradually work your way up to 100.
The back muscles also need exercise, exercises will help improve posture and ease the load on the spine. To do this, lie on your stomach, legs straight, toes together, arms bend at the elbows. Cross your hands and rest your chin in them. On the inhale raise your hands (without taking away from the chin) in collaboration with the shoulders. On the exhale lower. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.