If there is no home gym equipment or exercise machines, perform simple physical exercises with its own weight and resistance. They not only will help build up muscle mass and increase overall body tone.
Do push-UPS. They can be performed from the floor and from the bench. When performing this exercise, first place the hands shoulder-width apart, then so that when the push-up is the elbow angle was 90 degrees, and finally, next to each other. This will well-developed middle, inner and outer chest muscles. During push-UPS try to touch the breast sex.
To enhance the effect, you can do push-UPS on chairs. Put on one of their feet, and on the other hand. Try to tilt your chest in these push-UPS below the level of the chairs.
Download the press. Lie on a firm surface, put your hands behind your head and lift straight legs. Then, remaining in the same position, bend your knees and lift upper torso, trying not to strain the back and abdominal muscles. Then raise the upper part, but leave the legs straight. Thus, it will be affected on the upper, middle and lower abs.
Take squats. Thanks to them not only strengthened the muscles of the buttocks and legs, but also the cardiovascular system of the body. Do these exercises with a straight back, trying not to tear the heel from the floor. For greater effect, you can do squats on one leg, taking support of the chair.
Pull on the bar. This will pump up the back muscles, shoulders and arms.
Perform resistance exercise. To do this, grasp the leg or arm and try to bend it, overcoming the resistance holding hands.
Try to do all the exercises in several ways to the end, with each week increasing the number of times.
Eat the correct. Exclude from your diet fats and enter the maximum amount of protein.