You will need
  • - the horizontal bar;
  • - dumbbell.
A major factor in muscle growth is testosterone. At the age of 12-16 years there is a significant increase of hormonal secretion. That is why strength training in the period of puberty is particularly effective. Muscle growth occurs practically by itself, it is necessary only slightly to stimulate.
Often at this age the muscle growth significantly outpaced the development of the cardiovascular system. That is why strength training for teenagers must combine with a cardio workout. Running, Cycling and swimming contribute to the development of heart muscle. Aerobic exercise should take no less than 60% of the total time of physical activities.
Always begin strength training with a thorough warm-up. Weakness of joints and ligaments in adolescence requires good prep work to avoid injury. Do some physical exercise before you start power training.
To 16 years contraindicated exercises with the maximum weight. They can contribute to the development of inguinal hernia or disabilities of the spine.
The main objective of strength training in adolescence – to create a muscular corset that holds the internal organs and promote proper development of the musculoskeletal system. Compulsory exercises for the abdominal muscles and back.
Choose exercises using the weight of his own body. They are the most natural, contribute to better muscle growth and least hazardous to the musculoskeletal system.
Do pullups on the crossbar. At the same time this exercise makes you work muscles of the back, shoulders, arms and chest. These muscles form a recognizable masculine silhouette. While the load on the spine is minimal.
For better development of the chest muscles and triceps do press-UPS. Changing the position of the hands and the angle of the body when performing exercises, you will be able to elaborate the muscles of a breast and to give it the necessary relief.
To pump the muscles of the lower body, you can not do the weighting. The best exercise for this is squats. Model the correct technique, exercising without weights. To work with weight you can begin after only two weeks of classes.
Dumbbells are more suited to teenagers to perform strength exercises. Rod is forced to carry out movements on a hard amplitude, which increases stress on the joints and ligaments. Training with dumbbells, you can choose the desired trajectory and better feel the muscles working.
The exercise routine should involve the increase of load. Refrain from eccentric exercise. The optimal number of repetitions in one approach, 12-15 times. Alternate days of strength training with a cardio workout to the muscle fibers have time to recover.
Adolescents contraindicated plyometric exercises, built around the jumps and sharp attacks. They can be performed only by trained athletes under the supervision of a coach.
Include in the training programme of stretching exercises. They will contribute to the speedy increase in muscle mass.